SJOERD is the 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year


SJOERD is the 2013 EQUUS/USEF Inaugural Inductee Into The Horse Stars Hall Of Fame


Three Day Ranch has been Awarded:


2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Owner


2010, 2011 & 2012  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Owner


2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Breeder


2012, 2013 & 2014  United States Equestrian Federation #2 Leading Breeder


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015  United States Equestrian Federation #1 FRIESIAN SIRE  SJOERD


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Sired by: TSJALKE 397  and out of: ANNE G  (by Teunis 332)


Sjoerd is crowned:


2011 United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of The Year!


 Sjoerd is the FIRST and ONLY Friesian stallion in history to win this incredible honor and it is the highest title awarded to any horse in the USA


Horse of the Year voting







Name: Sjoerd #1 Friesian Stallion in the USA!
Breed: Purebred * Imported * Black STER Friesian Stallion
Registration: KFPS; FPZV; Friesian Heritage Horse (HH); IFSHA; USEF; Microchipped

KFPS STER Stallion; FPZV STER Stallion; Friesian Heritage Horse Star (Ster) Stallion, 1st Premie, High Merit. Triple STAR Stallion!

Color: BLACK
Sire: Tsjalke 397
Dam: Anne G. (by Teunis 332)
Pedigree Link: Sjoerd's  PEDIGREE
Foal Page Link: Sjoerd's  FOALS
Photo/Video Link: Sjoerd's  PHOTOS / VIDEOS
Fun Photo Page: Sjoerd's  FUN PAGE OF PHOTOS
Press Releases: Sjoerd's  PRESS RELEASES
Sjoerd's Hall Of Fame Induction:

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Sjoerd is the sire of the 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 USEF Part-Bred Friesian Horse Of The Year, TDR Zivah The Diva


2013 EQUUS/USEF Inaugural Inductee Into The Horse Stars Hall Of Fame!



Sjoerd is a United States Equestrian Federation Horse Of Honor


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 United States Equestrian Federation #1 Leading Friesian Sire


2010 & 2011 United States Equestrian Federation Friesian Horse Of The Year


IFSHA Friesian World Show Highlights:


Sjoerd was UNDEFEATED in Halter for 2011, 2012 & 2013!



Sjoerd won the IFSHA World/Grand National Championship Shakespeare Perpetual Hi-Point Friesian of the World Championships 2010 & 2011


Sjoerd was awarded the Jeff Wonnell Memorial Versatility Silver Belt Buckle 2010 & 2011!


Sjoerd won the Heirloom High Point Halter World Champion Trophy Presentation Set 2012 & 2013


Sjoerd won the Richard Snavely Carriage Pleasure Driving Open Memorial Perpetual Trophy 2012


Sjoerd won the Anita Mellot World Champion High Point Driving Memorial Perpetual Trophy 2012













Sjoerd's 2011 United States Equestrian Federation HORSE OF THE YEAR tribute video











Videos of Sjoerd from IFSHA Friesian World Championships





2011 IFSHA World Champion Friesian Liberty Stallion


Watch until the end of the video, when Sjoerd's music begins to replay after the Champion roses have been placed on his back, I LOVE what the gentleman at the end of the video does. Standing to his feet, he raises his hands in praise and honor of God. I do not know this man, nor did I see him do that at the time. It was not until I purchased this video from the show videographer and saw the man drawn to praise God at that moment, it absolutely moved my soul. It made the long haul from southern CA to Virginia with 6 horses and 3 teenage girls; the days, weeks and months of preparation and training; the thousands of dollars we had to raise for the trip and the sacrifices made in order to to compete at the 2011 World Champions COMPLETELY and utterly worth it! Whether he was the only one or whether there were others, touching his life alone is priceless to us. We hope you watch this video and are blessed!












2011 IFSHA Friesian World Champion Saddle Seat Open












2011 IFSHA Friesian World Champion Dressage Hack Amateur To Ride with Tynan (16 years old.) They won World Champion UNANIMOUSLY!













2011 IFSHA Friesian World Champion W/T Junior To Ride with Anaiah (12 years old.)














2011 IFSHA Friesian World Champion Show Hack Amateur To Ride ridden by Tynan who is 16 years old. This was her FIRST time competing in the Show Hack division where they exhibited 20 gaits flawlessly to win 2011 World Champion Show Hack ATR - UNANIMOUSLY! What an amazing honor!













2010 IFSHA Reserve World Champion Friesian Liberty Stallion


To God be the glory for all we have accomplished in His name. May you be blessed and touched as Sjoerd performs to MercyMe's Imagine.







Sjoerd Is The Most Highly Decorated Friesian In North America and the #1 Friesian Sire in the USA for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!




Sjoerd - The Stallion Of A Lifetime


Sjoerd (pronounced like Short but with a "d" on the end) is a gift from God and we hope you are blessed and touched by his pages of videos and photos! Sjoerd is an elegant Purebred Friesian who is a Triple Ster (Star) First Premie, High Merit stallion, imported from the Netherlands. He is elegant, absolutely captivating and the phenomenal quality of this exceptional stallion is simply undeniable.

Sjoerd has been DNA tested by UC Davis to be Homozygous for black, you will never get a chestnut foal out of Sjoerd. He is the only breeding stallion in the U.S. sired by TSJALKE 397. A GREAT outcross stallion for the heavily in-bred U.S. lines.


Sjoerd is truly a *one-of-a-kind* Friesian stallion. His disposition, unique conformation, and incredible movement: elevation and impulsion WITH extension not only garnered him 74 IFSHA Friesian World Champion Friesian Titles but he consistently wins over the hearts of spectators and judges! Sjoerd is a CHAMPION in multiple disciplines: In-Hand, Saddle Seat, Show Hack, Liberty, Equitation, Dressage, Driving, In-Hand Trail, Walk/Trot, Ridden Trail, Hunter, Junior Equitation, Western and Costume. He is an INCREDIBLE VERSATILE athlete.


 The Friesian Heritage Horse (HH), the German (FPZV) and the Dutch (KFPS) registries ALL awarded him the coveted (and not easily earned!) STAR (ster) status the first time he was presented for it making him a rare TRIPLE STAR STALLION. He was then bestowed the extreme honor of achieving a near PERFECT score at his 2009 FPZV Inspection and he was "Highly Recommended" for the FPZV Stallion Performance Testing at just 4 years old! In 2011 he went through a very thorough official FEIT Inspection through the Friesian Heritage Horse Registry (HH) and he was awarded Star, First Premie, High Merit and the highest scoring horse in his category in the history of the registry! All of Sjoerd's Purebred Friesian and Part-bred Friesian foals are eligible for registration through Friesian Heritage Horse, IFSHA and USEF.


 Sjoerd pictured above with his FEIT High Merit ribbon and FEIT 1st Premie ribbon awarded through the Friesian Heritage Horse Registry (HH). Sjoerd's Purebred Friesian and Part-bred Friesian foals are eligible for inspection and registration through multiple registries and have full showing and breeding rights throughout the USA!


Sjoerd has a short, strong back, short coupling, and deep, strong hip give him a natural ability to collect under himself and his extremely laid back shoulder and perfectly set neck make him an incredible ride at any gait. Feel free to come meet Sjoerd in person and be prepared to FALL IN LOVE! Sjoerd is a different kind of Friesian! Sjoerd LOVES people and his willing heart an attitude make every thing we do with him a sheer pleasure. He has greatly blessed our lives and we hope to share him with you through his pages of photos and videos.












Sjoerd is simply an amazing stallion, beyond description or comprehension; truly a horse of a lifetime!

He has superior conformation, an incredible disposition, extreme athleticism, unparalleled versatility with exceptional beauty. He also passes these traits consistently on to his foals.








Sjoerd possesses phenomenal athletic talent and he has a presence about him that is indescribable. If you like him in his photos and videos, you will love him in person.



Sjoerd and Tynan competing in Fantasy Costume at the 2011 IFSHA World Championships where they took 3rd place out of 17 entries.



Sjoerd and Darcy Edwards in Period costume and she is riding Sjoerd sidesaddle! They were a stunning pair to see in person.



Tynan (16) and Sjoerd receiving their Champion roses after winning 2011 IFSHA World Champion Show Hack Amateur to ride! This was Tynan's first time competing in Show Hack where she and Sjoerd had to exhibit 20 gaits superbly to win the class against outstanding competition and all adult riders. See the video above to view their brilliant Show Hack performance and the announcement that they won the class Unanimously!



Sjoerd with Tynan (16 years) taking their victory pass after winning 2011 IFSHA World Champion Show Hack Amateur to ride.



Sjoerd with Anaiah (12 years old) competing at the 2011 IFSHA Region 10 Championships.




Sjoerd's amazing accomplishments are nearly innumerable. His road to success almost unbelievable. His natural talent and presence are indescribable. We are very thankful for the gift he is to us in our lives.






Sjoerd and Darcy Edwards Champions in Hunter Pleasure








Sjoerd at the IFSHA 2010 Friesian World Championships being presented with the Jeff Wonnell Memorial Versatility Silver Belt Buckle for excelling in 5 different divisions/disciplines. It was presented to us by his widow (small blond woman second from the left) and people Jeff Wonnell had mentored (Bruce and Staci Griffin of Griffin Sport Horses) This was a great honor for us. Sjoerd won this award again in 2011!





My reaction to learning Sjoerd and I had won 2010 IFSHA World Champion Saddle Seat Junior Horse against some very outstanding competition!

He is an amazing and special stallion with a huge heart, extreme presence and talent unlike any you have ever seen.



Sjoerd and Darcy Edwards in Dressage





Sjoerd has an AMAZING uphill canter




Sjoerd and Xena IFSHA Region 10 Saddle Seat Unanimous Champion



Sjoerd displaying some of his Championship ribbons









Sjoerd is the only Friesian stallion in history to achieve this prestigious award



Sjoerd's 2011 United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Horse Of The Year trophy









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Sjoerd, Tynan and Anaiah are highly trained and highly skilled. They have been BEAUTIFULLY captured by the incredible photographer Kevin Kidder. We have spend years training our beautiful Friesian stallion Sjoerd. Tynan and Anaiah have been riding their entire lives and they work very hard to be able to achieve such an exceptional level of riding to perform the things you see in these photos. PLEASE appreciate the photos for the hard work, talent and years of training that went into creating them. If in doubt, you may contact Kevin Kidder and he can provide detailed information on the photos for those who just cannot accept that the photos are all real. If you STILL doubt, come on out and see SJOERD for yourselves, he will blow you away!




Here is a sample of what you will find on Sjoerd's Fun Page









Click Here To View Sjoerd's Fun Photos





Typically we keep articles on Sjoerd on his Sjoerd Press Releases Page. However, this Feb 2012 issue of the California Horsetrader was too incredible an experience to not share here on Sjoerd's main page. We are extremely thankful and grateful to the California Horsetrader for giving us the opportunity to share Sjoerd's story.

 I am very touched and honored Warren Wilson chose to do this article on Sjoerd and our family!  Click here to go to Sjoerd Press Releases and view the article written out.







Sjoerd modeling a bridle created by the El Sueno Espanol tack company. They make wonderful, quality, Saddle Seat, Dressage, Hunter, in-hand showing, Friesian White Keuring bridles and white Keuring halters; presentation bridles as well as authentic Portuguese tack. We have chosen the fine craftsmanship of El Sueno Espanol for our World Champion Friesian Sjoerd! They make any size bridle/halter you need, they have bling brow bands, bling halters, bling show halters for mare & foal! Contact:





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TDR is the proud home to the 2011 United Sates Equestrian Federation HORSE OF THE YEAR ~  SJOERD


SJOERD is a 74 Time WORLD CHAMPION FRIESIAN STALLION, 2011 USEF National Horse Of The Year and an Inaugural Inductee into the HORSE STARS HALL OF FAME!


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